Father 'stole' son's cancer cash

The trial continues of a Tamworth father, who is accused of stealing and defrauding charities, including one set up for his own son's cancer treatment.

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  1. Michael Sibert

Mother wanted to stop fundraising after trip cancelled

Anne Marie Kaye tells the court she told Kevin Wright in November or December 2008: "I don't want to fundraise anymore because I don't think it's fair that we're fundraising for New York when we're not going anymore."

She continued: "He said we should keep going until the end of the year." It had been thought that her son Callum would benefit from treatment in New York, but she was later advised that it might not be appropriate.


Father denies charges over stealing cash raised for son's cancer treatment

A court's has today heard how a father who set up a fund to raise money for his son's cancer treatment, used the cash to pay for his personal lifestyle.

Kevin Wright, from Tamworth, established the fund after his son Bobby was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Prosecutors claim Mr Wright spent part of an estimated £2m in donations on a holiday and personal investments. He denies 19 charges of fraud and theft.

  1. Phil Brewster

Tamworth father accused of spending son's cancer money on himself

As part of his opening statement Prosecutor Nicholas Johnson QC tells the jury at Nottingham Crown Court that Kevin Wright 'abused the the position of trust people placed in him.'

The court heard that in total, Kevin Wright received around £2m in donations for various cancer care appeals including one for his own child Bobby Wright.

It's alleged Mr Wright used large amounts of this money for his own benefit. The jury were told these sums included:-

  • £65k invested in Premium Bonds & ISAs
  • £38k ploughed into a restaurant owned by Kevin Wright
  • £30k+ used to renovate a pub run by Mr Wright's then girlfriend
  • £20k given to a friend for his used-car business
  • £4k on cigarette's & alcohol
  • £33k on vehicle-related expenditure

Mr Wright denies eight charged of fraud & 11 counts of theft.

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