Heli-camera captures summer

Karl Beadle from Peterborough has posted a video of people enjoying the summer weather, taken by a motorised helicopter camera which he designed and built himself.

Sunny images of the East Midlands from the air

Karl Beadle has captured images of parts of Peterborough and Stamford using a 'Hexcopter'.

Green fields and plenty of Midlands sunshine Credit: Karl Beadle

The photographer has worked with the motorised camera for around three years.

A sunny lake scene in the Midlands Credit: Karl Beadle

The technology allows Karl to capture moving images from the sky.

Enjoying the sunshine in the Midlands Credit: Karl Beadle

To visit Karl Beadle's website click here.


Motorised camera takes images from the air

Karl Beadle from Peterborough has invented a motorised camera which takes images from the air.

The six motored machine, which he calls a 'Hexcopter', takes aerial images using a stabilised camera.

Karl Beadle with his Hexcopter Credit: Karl Beadle

Speaking about the videos he has created, Karl said: "It's nice to be able to create the kind of things people enjoy watching."

Earlier this year Karl created a video of the snow in Lincolnshire.

Man captures summer scenes from helicopter camera

A man from Peterborough has captured images of people enjoying the hot summer weather from a motorised helicopter camera.

Images captured from the air Credit: Karl Beadle

The 'Hexcopter', which was designed and built by Karl Beadle, is a six motored machine with a stable camera, which captures images from the air.

Pictures taken in Peterborough by the Hexcopter Credit: Karl Beadle

The 40-year-old said he is in the process of turning his hobby into a business.

People enjoy the sunshine in Peterborough Credit: Karl Beadle