Actor backs transplant week

Birmingham-born Homeland star David Harewood has revealed that watching someone he knew die inspired him to become an organ donor.

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David Harewood talks about becoming an organ donor

Birmingham actor David Harewood has shown his support for National Transplant Week by telling his loved ones in a video that he has signed up to be a donor.

In the video, the Homeland star says: "It means that in the event of my death, my organs can be used to give somebody else the gift of life or help somebody that might be really, really ill.

"It's important we talk about this and that you understand why I'm doing it. You ok with that? Good. Right, I'll go and put the kettle on. Fancy a cuppa?"

Teenagers' donated organs help save two lives

The parents of a teenager whose organs were donated after his death say they are glad it has helped to save the lives of two other people.

Aeron Griffiths from Coventry had a rare brain condition and died after having a seizure in June last year.

His parents, Gary and Mandi, decided to donate his liver and kidneys.

They have told ITV News Central the last 12 months have been difficult without Aeron, but they are proud of his lasting legacy.


David Harewood supports National Transplant Week

Celebrities, including Birmingham actor David Harewood have shown the public how important it is to let those closest to them know that they want to be an organ donor.

Figures released by National Transplant Week, which starts today, has shown:

  • Around 7,300 people are currently on a waiting list for a life-saving transplant
  • Although 95% of families agree to donation if they know a loved one has registered, less than half of people agree if they do not know their relative's wishes
  • Last year, there were 1,212 people who donated their organs after death, but only 56 of those were from ethnic minority groups

Homeland actor David Harewood inspired to be a donor

Homeland star David Harewood has admitted that watching someone he knew die inspired him to become an organ donor.

The Birmingham-born actor joined other celebrities this week in supporting a campaign urging people to pass on their organ donation wishes and sign up to the NHS Organ Donor Register for National Transplant Week, which began today.

Actor David Harewood comes from Small Heath in Birmingham Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire

"It's an important issue, but it's a sensitive subject," Harewood said.

"There are hundreds of people waiting for organs around the country. If people had this conversation with their families, many people could have their lives saved or prolonged with the help these organs could provide.

"I wanted to be involved in this campaign because life is precious. You can't take it with you so it's important you help to pass it on."

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