PG Tips chimp Louis dies

One of the original PG Tips chimps has died, Louis, who was 37-years-old passed away following a short illness, Twycross Zoo said.

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Louis the chimp's companion sits alone at Twycross

Dr Charlotte Macdonald, curator at Twycross Zoo said Louis' the chimp's long-time companion Choppers is "doing well" since his death.

Sign reads: Hello my name is Louis Credit: ITV News Central

She said Choppers "will be monitored closely" over the next few of weeks by the animal team, and introduced to other chimps in the near future.

Louis the chimp's home sits empty Credit: ITV News Central

Dr Macdonald said: "Although gone, Louis will never be forgotten; he will always be a member of our Twycross Zoo chimp family."

Choppers the chimp, Louis' companion now sits alone at Twycross Zoo Credit: ITV News Central

Louis was the star of the PG Tips adverts, even appearing as 007 in one of the ads.


Louis the PG Tips chimp was 'a favourite of everyone'

The curator at Twycross Zoo said said Louis, the PG Tips chimp, was a "favourite of everyone." Dr Charlotte Macdonald said:

Louis was a very gentle and laid back chimp, and a favourite of everyone. Born at Twycross, he was one of the original PG Tips chimps and has lived to see all of the changes; from chimp's tea parties to the modernisation of the Zoo, including the recent chimp integrations into larger social groups.

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