Tunnels to reopen on schedule

The tunnels in Birmingham city centre have closed for highway maintenance until 2nd September. People who work in the city centre or who visit Birmingham are being urged to consider public transport during this time.

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Buses given 'priority' to bypass queues during closures

Tim Woodward, Network Planner at National Express West Midlands said that buses travelling through the city centre of Birmingham during the tunnel closures will be given "priority" to bypass the queues.

"Bus priority measures should reduce any amount of delay that the buses experience", he said, "they will be able to bypass the queues and provide a quick reliable service right into the heart of the city centre."

Birmingham tunnels 'really are in need of maintenance'

The Highways Network Manager for Amey, Eddie Fellows, said the A38 tunnels "really are in need of general maintenance".

Speaking to ITV News Central, he explained the work which will take place over the next seven weeks whilst the tunnels are closed 24 hours a day.

He said: "We'll be doing some structural repairs and some structural maintenance, essentially to infill the central wall through the tunnel so the northbound and southbound carriage ways are completely separate, and those will be linked only by emergency doors."

"We'll also be putting brand new lighting in the tunnels, " he added, " and we will be coating all the walls and the surfaces in the tunnels with a fire protection and that will all then be painted."

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