Hospital apologises over death

A hospital has apologised after a patient died after being given too many sedatives. Seventy-six-year-old Peter Ryley, from Long Eaton, died in 2011 at the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham, after falling over and injuring his head.

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  1. Lee Comley

Hospital apologises for death of 'over-sedated' patient - full report

Nottingham's Queen's Medical Centre has apologised after the death of an elderly man with dementia who was given too many sedatives.

Peter Ryley, who was 76 and from Long Eaton, died after falling while on sedatives in January 2011. Last week, the trust which runs the hospital was one of 18 identified as 'high risk' by the Chief Inspector of Hospitals. Lee Comley reports.


'The medication had been increasing all the way through'

Andrew Riley, Peter's son, said that although "the hospital staff themselves seemed fine it was things that came to light afterwards" that struck him.

He added: "It wasn't until after he had his fatal injury...(that) I noticed his medical notes at the end of his bed and there were all these different types of medication that he'd been given...

"When we had the coroner's inquest it came to light that the medication hadn't just been regular, it had been increasing all the way through."

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