Notts firm makes Prince's shawl

The new royal prince made his debut to the world's media wrapped in a shawl made by a Nottingham textiles company.

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Firm 'delighted' at royal couple's shawl choice

The Prince of Cambridge emerged from hospital to be seen by the world for the first time wrapped in a blanket made by a firm in Nottingham.

The super-fine merino wool shawl was made by GH Hurt & Sons, which is based in Chilwell.

Gillian Taylor, director of the company, said:

"We were so delighted when the royal couple emerged from St Mary's Hospital with their newborn son wrapped in one of our traditional hand-finished shawls.

"A similar shawl was used for HRH Prince William in 1982. Our shawls were also used previously by other members of the Royal Family.

"We feel honoured that William and Kate have chosen to use our beautiful merino wool shawl and in doing so have continued a tradition for the next generation of royals."

– Gillian Taylor, Director GH Hurt & Sons


Royal baby's shawl made by Nottingham business

The shawl which wraps the Prince of Cambridge is made by GH Hurt & Son Credit: PA

The Prince of Cambridge made his first public appearance wearing a hand finished shawl made by a textiles company in Nottingham.

The merino wool shawl was produced by small family run firm GH Hurt & Son which is based in Chilwell.

William and Kate with baby Cambridge outside the St Mary's Hospital in Paddington Credit: PA

The creation is similar to one Prince William had as a baby, which was also made by the same firm.

GH Hurt & Son, which has worked with the Royal family for many years, says it feels 'honoured' that William & Kate chose to unveil their newborn son to the world wearing their shawl.

The company experienced a rush of orders for the super-fine christening shawl following the appearance, which retails at £45.

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