See England draw each other

England's cricketers have swapped bat and ball for pen and paper and turned their hand to art for charity.

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England's Midlands cricketers play for the draw

'It's my birthday so I'm deliriously happy' Graeme Swann draws Jimmy Anderson Credit: eBay

England's Midlands cricketers have been drawing each other for charity.

The eBay charity auction for all the pictures ends at 1pm on 1st August.

Jimmy Anderson gives his take on Graeme Swann Credit: eBay
Warwickshire's Ian Bell by Joe Root Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire
Six foot seven Steven Finn as drawn by Ian Bell Credit: eBay

England cricketers draw each other for charity

Stuart Broad as drawn by Steven Finn Credit: Cricket Foundation/PA Wire

England's cricketers have been enjoying the week off between Ashes Tests by drawing each other for charity.

Some of England's Midlands-based stars, as well as being the recipient of caricatures, have been showing off their skills with the pen and paper.

Steven Finn as drawn by Stuart Broad Credit: Cricket Foundation/PA Wire

The portraits were drawn at the request of three cricket charities - The Lord's Taverners, Chance to Shine and the PCA Benevolent Fund - and will be auctioned to raise money for the Cricket United appeal.

The eBay auction ends at 1pm on 4th August.


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