Residents' tram works concern

Construction of new tram lines in Nottingham is causing problems for residents and business owners.

There have been complaints over noise and rat infestation, and lack of footfall is affecting shops in the area.

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Video: Full report on the residents and businesses angry over Nottingham's ongoing tram work

Residents and business owners say their lives are being blighted by the noise and inconvenience caused by the building of the new tram service in Nottingham. Work on the 2nd phase of the city's tram network began last year.

But some retailers say the upheaval is damaging trade. Others say the construction work has led to an increase in the numbers of rats. Phil Brewster reports.


  1. Phil Brewster

Tram works cause noise and rat trouble for residents

Residents in Nottingham have complained about the noise levels while construction of tram lines has been taking place.

Construction is also causing problems for traffic Credit: ITV News Central

There are tram works on Regent Street in Beeston, as well as Lower Road and Fletcher Road.

There have also been complaints about rat infestation in the area.

New tram lines are being laid Credit: ITV News Central
  1. Phil Brewster

Tram line construction may cause shop closures

Business and shop owners in Nottingham, say they may be forced to close as the tram building works have led to a big drop in footfall.

Disruption due to construction of tram lines Credit: ITV News Central

New tram lines are currently under construction in Lower Road and Fletcher Road, in Beeston.

Some are now calling for a renegotiation of the compensation scheme, set up to provide financial assistance to businesses while the works take place.

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