Mid Staffs prompted NHS review

A review of patient safety in the NHS, conducted by an acclaimed US expert, has been published.


Woman lost leg in botched surgery incident

Lorraine Brewin was admitted to hospital for a routine varicose vein surgery, during surgery a main vein was severed and complications following that led to her having her left leg amputated.

Lorraine said: "I just thought I'd be in that day, home in the afternoon and in a week or so returning to work. I never envisioned that I'd end up like this, it's something that never entered my head.

"Everything's changed, you become dependent on the people around you."

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Changing NHS culture will 'trump' new rules

Changing the culture of the NHS will "trump" any new rules and strategies, Professor Don Berwick's review said.

A general view of an NHS logo. Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Improving patient safety should "permeate every action and level in the NHS", the report added.

The Government-ordered report said "achieving a vastly safer NHS will depend far more on major cultural change than on a new regulatory regime".

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US expert publishes NHS patient safety report

A review of patient safety by Professor Don Berwick has been published and among the key findings are:

  • A new criminal offence for 'wilful neglect' should be made law.
  • Guidelines on how many staff should be on a ward at one time.
  • Criticising the system of regulation in the NHS as too complex.

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Labour: Govt needs 'to get a grip' of NHS staffing levels

All the experts are now telling the Government to get a grip on staffing levels. The time for excuses is over.

Don Berwick has today joined Robert Francis and Bruce Keogh in warning of the dangers understaffed wards. It's been six months since a public inquiry told the Government to get clarity on safe staffing levels. Since then, the job cuts have continued and now 1 in 10 hospitals do not have enough staff.

While Ministers dragged their feet, over 800 nursing jobs were lost last month alone – now totalling almost 5000 since the election. David Cameron must now urgently intervene to ensure safe staffing levels in our hospitals. These dangerous cuts to nursing posts prove you can’t trust the Tories with the NHS.

– Andy Burnham, Shadow Health Secretary

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World patient safety expert to reveal plans for NHS

A review of patient safety in the NHS, conducted by an acclaimed US expert, is to be published today.

Professor Don Berwick, a world expert in patient safety, was tasked by Prime Minister David Cameron earlier this year with conducting a safety review of English hospitals following the Stafford Hospital scandal.

A review of patient safety in the NHS, conducted by an acclaimed US expert, is set to be published. Credit: Press Assocation

A former adviser to US president Barack Obama, Prof Berwick has said he believes the NHS could offer the safest healthcare in the world.

The review, involving a team of experts from the UK and US, has examined why some patients needlessly suffer or die in hospital because of errors.

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Berwick review prompted by Mid Staffs inquiry

Mid Staffordshire was at the centre of a public inquiry into Stafford Hospital, where hundreds of patients were routinely neglected.

Mid Staffordshire was at the centre of a public inquiry into Stafford Hospital. Credit: Press Assocation

Led by Robert Francis QC, the inquiry reported earlier this year, highlighting the "appalling and unnecessary suffering of hundreds of people".

Some patients were left lying in their own faeces for days, forced to drink water from flower vases or given the wrong medication.

The findings prompted a separate review, led by NHS medical director Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, of 14 NHS hospitals in England with high death rates.

As a result of that review, 11 hospitals were placed in special measures for "fundamental breaches of care".


Berwick: We will do whatever we can to improve safety

In March, Prof Berwick said he would recommend how the NHS could take "serious and profound" action to improve safety.

He said: "Assuring patient safety and high quality care is never automatic. It requires the constant attention of leaders and continual support to the workforce.

"I have read, and been deeply affected by, the harrowing personal stories of individuals and families who were so badly injured when this commitment flagged at Mid Staffordshire Hospitals.

"Our group will do whatever it can to recommend how the NHS in England take serious and profound action, learning from this tragedy to make patient care and treatment as safe as it can possibly be, and ever safer.

"Indeed, there is no reason why English healthcare cannot aspire to be and become the safest healthcare in the world."