Nicolas Anelka out for WBA

West Bromwich Albion have confirmed Nicolas Anelka has been excused from the game against Everton on "compassionate grounds."

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Anelka would miss Everton match anyway

West Bromwich Albion manager, Steve Clarke, has said striker, Nicolas Anelka, was injured ahead of this weekend's match against Everton, and would not have featured.

This injury news comes as the club stated the Frenchman would be away from the club 'indefinitely', while he grieved for his agent, who died recently.

He was down, really down. He was actually injured. He had not trained with us this week, so I was preparing the team for Everton without Nicolas in it anyway - he got a kick against Southampton.

– Steve Clarke, West Bromwich Albion head coach

Clarke has also responded to the question as to further talks between the club and their star striker.

Once he gets his head clear and we can sit down and have a proper chat, yes, sure. But at the moment this (the decision to grant Anelka compassionate leave) is the best course of action for both Nicolas and the club.

– Steve Clarke, West Bromwich Albion head coach

Clarke confirms Anelka spoke of retiring from football

I am not going to deny that he used that word (retiring) in the conversations we had with him. But we have given him time to go away and think about it and I do not think we could do any more in the circumstances as they were...

I went in and had a very brief chat with him, and he was not in a good place. So the club have decided just to give him a bit of time to go away and think about it and get himself in a better place for the future.

– Steve Clarke, West Bromwich Albion head coach


Anelka given time to think about future in football

West Bromwich Albion head coach, Steve Clarke, has confirmed Nicolas Anelka has been given 'indefinite' time away from club duty on compassionate grounds, after the player was hit badly by the sudden death of his agent.

Clarke confirmed Anelka will be given time off Credit: David Davies/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The Scot also said Anelka did speak about retiring from football, when he asked to leave the club following Eric Manasse's death.

Is this the reason behind Anelka's decision?

Nicolas Anelka will miss West Bromwich Albion's game against Everton tomorrow on 'compassionate gounds'.

He has tweeted 'RIP Eric Manasse', who died earlier this week, and expressed his grief on his Facebook page. Manasse was Anelka's agent.

Suggestions are that his death has hit Anelka hard, and is what caused the striker to walk out of the club yesterday.

Anelka 'excused on compassionate grounds'

WBA have excused Nicolas Anelka from club duty Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA Archive/Press Association Images

West Bromwich Albion have released a statement on reports that striker, Nicolas Anelka, has walked out of the club. They say they have excused the Frenchman one compassionate grounds.

The club have confirmed he will not take part in their match against Everton this weekend.


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