Cycle crash coma boy wakes up

Teenager Ryan Smith, from Lincolnshire, has woken from a four-month coma after being knocked off his bike in an accident near Skegness.

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Cycle crash teenager wakes from four-month coma

A teenager who has been in a coma since August has woken up and said his first words.

Ryan Smith, aged 16, was knocked off his bike by a van while riding to his summer job in Grantham.

Teenager Ryan Smith Credit: ITV News Central

According to the Lincolnshire Echo, his first words after opening his eyes were "hello", "mum" and "dad".

Ryan had not been wearing a helmet while riding his bike. After the accident, his father Mark launched a campaign following the crash to encourage youngsters to ride safely.


Top cyclist backs father's helmet campaign

Ryan Smith from Lincolnshire is still in a coma Credit: ITV News

A father's call for the wearing of helmets by all cyclists to be compulsory has been backed by champion rider Mark Cavendish.

Ryan Smith, who's from Lincolnshire, remains in a coma after his accident while riding to work for a summer job near Skegness.

Dad Mark Smith says his son did not want to wear a helmet because it would 'mess up' his hair.

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