Council bosses to meet unions

Wolverhampton City Council has announced that it will cut 1,000 jobs by April 2015. Staff were told that the council must make savings of £89 million by 2019.

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Council: Our 'only choice is to tackle the problem'

Wolverhampton City Council chief executive Simon Warren has warned that if the council does not make job cuts, the Government could step in.

In an announcement today he said:

If we don’t deal with this situation the Government would potentially intervene by appointing a team to resolve the situation to the Government’s satisfaction.

That is therefore very likely to mean Wolverhampton City Council would no longer be locally accountable to the public.

This isn't scaremongering. It's a fact.

The only choice we have is whether to tackle the problem ourselves or have someone else come in and do it for us - and that is no choice at all.

'Dark day for Wolverhampton' with job losses of 1,000

The leader of Wolverhampton City Council announced today that 1,000 jobs will be axed by April 2015.

Staff were told this week that the council must make savings of £89 million by 2019.

In a message, Councillor Roger Lawrence said:

This is a dark day for Wolverhampton, our residents and staff. We have no choice but to make large-scale budget cuts that will impact on services and jobs.

Continuing Government cuts and a Council Tax freeze over the last four years have led to a drastic reduction in our finances.

At the same time, demand for some council services has been rising due to an increasing birth rate, a changing population and the fact that people are living longer.

It is likely the effects of the Government’s change to welfare will also increase demand for our services as our citizens experience increasing personal financial hardship.


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