B'ham bombing families protest

A campaign group is calling for fresh inquiries into the Birmingham pub bombings. The group of family and friends of those killed 39 years ago, have travelled to Warrington to protest outside a peace centre.

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McGuinness: 'my heart goes out to all the victims'

Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, Martin McGuiness has said that he 'understood' the Justice4the21 campaigners who were protesting outside the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Centre in Warrington where the republican politician was giving a speech.

Speaking to press Mr McGuinness described the path to peace as a 'journey':

My heart goes out to all the victims of the conflict. I feel very compassionate to all of them. We need to be sorry for everything that happened with the people involved in the conflict."

– Martin McGuinness MLA, Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland


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Birmingham Pub Bombings campaigners protest at Martin McGuinness's speech, full report

Campaigners who lost loved ones in the Birmingham Pub Bombings 39 years ago will be protesting tonight, at a lecture delivered by Northern Ireland's Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness.

He's been invited to speak at a Peace Centre set up by a father who lost his son in an IRA attack. But the "Justice for the 21" group say they want those responsible for the atrocities brought to book.

'I will never forget my sister' campaigner says

Brian Hambleton lost his sister Maxine in the Birmingham Pub Bombings in 1974.

He will be protesting tonight outside a lecture delivered by Martin McGuinness, the Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland.

The lecture is being held at a Peace Centre in Warrington, set up by the parents of a 12-year-old boy killed in an IRA attack.

Mr Hambleton has campaigned ever since the atrocity to bring the killers to justice.

'Dedicated team of detectives' on pub bombings

West Midlands Police has said a "dedicated team of detectives" are working to trace material related to the pub bombings. A statement from the force said:

Considerable progress has been made with over 4,000 individual items collated, which had been previously stored by a number of different locations and organisations. This important work continues.

We have also made a commitment to consult independent forensic experts to assess whether more tests can be carried out.

Officers from the unit have travelled to Europe and engaged with a leading forensic provider.

When we have completed this work we will better understand what opportunities exist to bring to justice those responsible for the pub bombings.


Father: 'You have to reach out the hand of friendship'

Colin Parry lost his 12 year old son Tim in 1993 in an IRA attack in Warrington.

He has dedicated his life to working for peace and reconciliation and has invited Northern Ireland's Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness to speak at his Peace Centre tonight.

Members of Birmingham group Justice for the 21 are travelling to Warrington to protest about the controversial speaker.

They all lost loved ones in the Birmingham Pub Bombings 39 years ago and want those responsible brought to book.

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