Labour Party Conference opens

The Labour Party Conference started in Brighton today, and they hope the announcement of new policies on bedroom tax and childcare will win new votes in the East Midlands.

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HS2 'vital' to Midlands economy - Centro boss

An transport industry figure has told the Labour Party Conference HS2 is as vital to the West Midlands economy as Crossrail is to London.

Geoff Inskip, chief executive of West Midlands regional transport authority Centro, said only HS2 could provide the step-change needed to provide jobs and growth, while meeting growing demand for rail and delivering international connectivity.

Computer generated image of HS2 Credit: HS2/PA Wire

'No blank cheque' for HS2 - Ed Balls

Ed Balls MP said he will not give a 'blank cheque' for the proposed HS2 line linking London with the Midlands if Labour wins the next election.

Speaking at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton today the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer questioned whether building a new high speed rail line is the best way to spend £50billion.


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