Council considers fire merger

Warwickshire County Council has announced that in the next four years there will be job cuts, with a maximum of 627 positions being removed, and has announced plans to merge its fire service with the Hereford & Worcestershire service to save money.

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Unison warns of more council job cuts to come

More council job cuts across the Midlands are on the way according to the public sector union Unison.

Regional head for local government in the West Midlands Tony Rabaiotti said Dudley and Birmingham are due to announce their future budgets in the coming weeks.

He also described how government cuts to councils like Shropshire County Council and Wolverhampton City council are having and impact on the wider region.

Unison: 'Local councils provide vital services'

Unions have warned there will eb fewer and fewer people to provide the 'vital' services provided by councils to communities in the region.

It comes as Warwickshire County Council revealed plans to shave a further £92 million from its budget over the next four years.

Tony Rabaiotti, regional head of local government for Unison in the West Midlands, warned services will undoubtedly suffer, if more cutbacks are made and public sector jobs lost.


Council leader lists priority services for funding

Leader of Warwickshire County Council Izzi Seccombe has listed the areas she believes remain a key priority for funding by the local authority.

it comes as she and her cabinet outlined plans earlier today to save £92 million from its budget over the next four years.

Meetings with people in Warwickshire will take place over the next two months so councillors can gauge which services are important to communities.

In December a more detailed plan will be revealed as to which services will have to be cut back.

Unison reacts to council's plans to cut 627 jobs

Tony Rabaiotti, the regional head of local government for Unison in the West Midlands, has described today's plans by Warwickshire County Council to cut 627 positions in its latest round of budget cuts as terrible news for the county.

He said the job losses would have a knock-on effect to the local economy with the extra people unemployed.

Council leader: 'We may say goodbye to some services'

The Leader of Warwickshire County Council says she cannot rule out saying goodbye to some council run services all together, when the local authority's next budget is set for the next four years.

The council set out its plans to make £92 million in savings earlier on today. Councillor Izzi Seccombe said a maximum of 627 staff would need to be made redundant, and it was inevitable some of those would be compulsory.

There are also early talks about merging the Warwickshire Fire Service with the Hereford & Worcester Fire Service to save money.

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How do Warwickshire County Council's cuts add up?

In outline plans revealed by Warwickshire County Council today, the local authority say it needs to save more than a quarter of its budget over the next four years. ITV News Central reporter Chris Halpin explains the figures above.

More than 600 people are at risk of losing their jobs, and there are talks to merge the county's fire service with the neighbouring Hereford & Worcestershire Fire Service.


  1. Chris Halpin

Council cuts could see fire services merge - full report

Six hundred more job cuts and plans to merge two neighbouring Fire & Rescue services together - just two of the ways one council plans to save millions of pounds.

Warwickshire County Council set out its vision today at how the local authority will again cut its costs. It says it must slash its budget by more than a quarter - that's more than 92 million pounds. But unions have reacted angrily to the proposals. Chris Halpin reports.

Council considers fire service merger to save cash

Warwickshire County Council has started talks with Hereford and Worcester fire about a possible merger of services.

Both say they want the partnership to happen so they can provide, 'the best possible coverage'. There is no programme for station closures, but if the merger does happen a new fire authority will decide on the matter.

It is believed a decision on the merger could be made by May 2015.

Currently, the fire service costs Warwickshire Council £20million a year. If the merger does not take place, the Council will need to make 12% savings over four years.

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