Soldier gets Military Cross

A soldier from Nottinghamshire has been awarded the Military Cross, in the latest Operation honours list.

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Soldier describes thought process when saving a colleague

The soldier from Retford who has been awarded the Military Cross for his courage, commitment and leadership in Afghanistan says he did not have to think about putting himself at risk to save others, it is something he just did.

Corporal Oliver Bainbridge was blown up three times in Afghanistan, including one instance when he pulled the driver of a tank to safety after it was hit by an 'improvised explosive device'. At the same time, he was being fired at by insurgents.

Nottinghamshire soldier awarded Military Cross

A Nottinghamshire soldier who has been blown up at least three times during his military career has been recognised for his brave actions in Afghanistan.

Corporal Oliver Bainbridge from Retford Credit: PA Wire

Corporal Oliver Bainbridge, from Retford, has been awarded the Military Cross for a "display of personal courage, selfless commitment and inspired leadership".

But the 25-year-old, from the Royal Dragoon Guards, confessed that some of his colleagues have joked that they might not like to stand too close to him in the future, because of his tendency to get blown up.


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