Gangmaster raids in Fens

Cambridgeshire police has carried out a series of early morning raids on Gangmasters across the Fens. 300 police officers have been involved in the raids which are trying to clamp down on human trafficking and exploitation.


9 arrests in Gangmaster raids

An arrest in Fenland raids, Cambridgeshire Police Credit: ITV News Anglia

There have been nine arrests in a series of police raids in the Cambridgeshire Fens. 300 police officers targeting properties in the Fenland towns of March, Wisbech and Kings Lynn in West Norfolk.

Eight properties were targeted in an attempt to crack down on the exploitation of migrant workers.

Fenland Commander, Chief Insp Mike Winters, said. "We are committed to working with the Gangmasters Licensing Authority and other partner agencies to tackle the exploitation of workers in the Fenland area and we are targeting those who gain from others' suffering."

"They are paid wages well below the legal minimum for extremely long hours and their pay is often taken to service debt on their accommodation. Victims are often too frightened to come forward and too reluctant to seek help from the authorities."

"I would urge anyone who feels they are being exploited to or has any concerns about individual workers to contact police."

GLA Chief Executive Paul Broadbent said. "The exploitation of vulnerable people for financial gain was one of the primary reasons the GLA was formed and it remains the cornerstone of what we do today."



Early morning raids in Fens

Raids in Fens, Cambridgeshire Police Credit: ITV News Anglia

Nine people have been arrested and two recruitment agencies have had their licenses suspended as part of a day of action against the exploitation of workers in Wisbech.

300 police and partner agency officers were involved in the raids at eight properties in Wisbech, March and Kings Lynn.

Cambridgeshire Police, raids in the Fens Credit: ITV News Anglia

Eight people were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud and were taken to March police station.

The action was part of Operation Endeavour which is an ongoing joint police and Gangmasters Licensing Authority inquiry into the exploitation of migrant workers.

Cambridgeshire Police, raids in Fens Credit: ITV News Anglia