U-turn for miners

The Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osbourne has announced that the government will guarantee the concessionary fuel allowance for around 400 miners who lost their jobs because of the UK Coal restructuring plus around 1,000 retired workers.

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Former miner: Free coal allowance U-turn a 'relief'

For 35 years, John Brennan worked as a miner in North Nottinghamshire.

When he was made redundant 8 years ago, one consolation was that he would continue to receive a free coal allowance.

A few months ago he got the news that it was being taken away. The allowance for John and hundreds like him was removed following the collapse of UK Coal earlier this year.

But today during a trip to Thoresby Colliery in Nottinghamshire, the Chancellor George Osborne announced the government was re-instating the allowance.

John Brennan says it's a huge relief.


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