Fatal car crash campaign

Residents in Sparkbrook in Birmingham have held a protest against drivers speeding through their neighbourhood after two fatal accidents in 18 months.

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Council: 'Back our 20 in plenty campaign'

Birmingham City Council has urged residents calling for a road in the neighbourhood to be made safer from speeding cars, to back the authority's campaign to bring speed limits across the city down to 20mph.

It's after residents in Sparkbrook held a protest today about speeding drivers on Sampson Road.

Birmingham City Council's cabinet member for a Green, Safe and Smart City, Cllr James McKay said:

"The residents of Sampson Road have my heartfelt sympathies.

Road accident tragedies happen far too often which is exactly why are consulting with Birmingham residents on reducing the speed limit to 20 mph in residential areas across the city. Research has shown that at 30 mph just 50% of people survive.

At 20mph that figure increases to 90% so if we were to do this we could dramatically reduce the amount of traffic fatalities.

We will also start a wider road safety strategy consultation in January.

I would therefore urge Sampson Road residents to support the 20 is plenty campaign and get involved in our road safety consultation."

Birmingham residents campaign against speeding cars

The stunt in Sparkbrook was organised after two deaths in the last 18 months Credit: ITV News Central/Callum Watkinson

A campaign group in Birmingham have branded a road in their neighbourhood a dangerous 'rat run' after two people have been killed in the last 18 months.

The Sampson Road Residents Association in Sparkbrook have today held a protest against speeding drivers who use the street as a cut through from the A34 Stratford Road to the Coventry Road.

A 79-year-old pedestrian died when he was knocked over in October Credit: ITV News Central/Callum Watkinson

Seventy-nine-year-old Saleh Dalie died after he was hit by a delivery van when he was walking to Friday prayers down Sampson Road in October.

The campaign group are now calling on Birmingham City Council to do more to make the road safer.

The group are lobbying the council to get traffic calming measures installed Credit: ITV News Central/Callum Watkinson

Birmingham City Council say it's starting a road safety strategy in the New Year, as well as consulting about reducing speed limits in the area and across the city to 20mph.

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