Factory fire leads to evacuation

Firefighters are tackling a blaze at a paint factory in Bulwell on the Coventry Road in Nottingham. The fire began at 11:35 and the surrounding area has been evacuated.

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Exclusion zone still in place around Nottingham fire

An exclusion zone is still in place as a result of the fire at a paint factory in Bulwell, Nottingham.

Exclusion zone is in place Credit: ITV News Central

A man who came to use the nearby Bulwell Riverside leisure centre has parked on a street inside the zone and has been waiting since midday to get to his car.

Exclusion zone is in place Credit: ITV News Central

Residents whose homes are within the zone are also not being allowed in.

Fire has caused a 200metre hazard zone Credit: ITV News Central

Nottingham trams replaced by buses during fire

Factory fire shuts down tram & train lines in Nottingham

Map showing the location of the fire at a pallet and paint factory in Bulwell. Credit: ITV News Central

A fire at a paint and pallet factory in Bulwell in Nottingham has closed tram and tram lines next to the blaze.

The fire at a unit on Coventry Road broke out at around 11:30am, and more than 30 fire fighters are continuing to tackle the flames.

Surrounding homes have been evacuated because of the risk gas cylinders at the factory could explode.


Evacuation is a 'precaution', say Nottinghamshire Fire

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