Midland GP surgeries named among worst in country

Health regulator the Care Quality Commission, has uncovered a catalogue of failings at some GP practices including one in Nottinghamshire with rooms so dirty they had maggots.

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Statement from surgery where maggots found

Staff at a GPs surgery where health inspectors found maggots and other insects have said they took "immediate action" to tackle the problem.

Dale Surgery in Sneinton, Nottinghamshire, was criticised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) over cleanliness after maggots and other insects, as well as dust and cobwebs, were spotted.

The Dale Surgery, where inspectors found maggots Credit: ITV News Central

In the statement, the staff say they welcome sections of the CQC report which commented on how patients are respected and involved in their care, and how the systems protected their safety.

The media comments about infestations of maggots require clarification. We took immediate action to deal with a small number of insect larvae found in the hallway by the back door of our premises.

These were not in consulting rooms or treatment areas. We contacted a pest control company to confirm that there was no evidence of wider infestation, which they did.

It was the pest control inspector’s opinion that the maggots had come from the public alleyway which runs along the back of our premises.

We are responding to the actions we were asked to take and as a practice continue to be proud of the NHS services we offer in a diverse, inner-city area.

If any patients have any ongoing concerns, they are urged to contact the practice manager.


Queues, maggots in the room and no CRB checks

Among the catalogue failures at GP surgeries found by health regulator inspectors were:

  • In one Birmingham practice, people were queuing outside to make an appointment.
  • At one practice, both GPs had referred each other to the GMC for incompetence. They were no longer working in the practice.
  • At Dale Surgery in Sneinton in Nottinghamshire, inspectors found maggots and other insects, as well as dust and cobwebs.The surgery immediately sorted out the problem but inspectors said there was "no regular, effective and on-going monitoring of these standards".
  • Some GPs left private medical files laying around, had medicines that were out of date, filthy treatment rooms and employed staff who had not undergone criminal record checks.
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