CCTV: Woman grabs knife to fight off attacker with stun gun

A man has been jailed after posing as a delivery man to get through the door of the home of a gold dealer, before attacking him with a stun gun. But the victim was saved by his fiancée and her friend, who chased off the would-be robber with a knife.

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Judge praises woman for bravery in chasing off robber

A judge has praised the actions of a woman and her friend who both grabbed knives and chased off a taser-wielding robber as he attacked her fiancé.

Pranee Rice, aged 29, can be seen on CCTV running after would-be robber Paul Grimshaw after he attacked her husband-to-be, Nigel Blackburn, at their Leicestershire home.

Victim Nigel Blackburn and his fiancée Pranee Rice, who grabbed a knife and ran to his rescue Credit: ITV News Central

Judge Simon Hammond jailed Grimshaw for eight years at Leicester Crown Court, and praised the two women for their bravery in facing the attacker.

In an interview with the Leicester Mercury, Pranee said: "We’re proud the judge praised our actions. It was very frightening but we’d do it again."

CCTV: Knife-wielding woman chases off taser attacker

When would-be robber Paul Grimshaw posed as a delivery man to get into the home of a gold dealer, he didn't bank on the man's fierce fiancée coming to the rescue.

Grimshaw used a stun gun to attack Nigel Blackburn in his home in Leicestershire - but CCTV footage shows how he was soon running scared as Mr Blackburn's fiancée and her friend both grabbed knives and chased him out.

Watch the CCTV below:

Grimshaw (31), of Victory Boulevard, Lytham, St Anne’s, was jailed for eight years at Leicester Crown Court for aggravated burglary and possessing a stun-gun with intent to commit robbery.

Read the Leicester Mercury's interview with Mr Blackburn following the court case here.


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