Two-year-old's death may have been avoided, Serious Case Review finds

The Serious Case Review into the death of twenty-three month-old Daniel Jones, from Wolverhampton, has been published. The review reveals findings into the events surrounding the death of the youngster, back in May 2012.

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Daniel Jones' death 'avoidable' according to review

The Serious Case Review into the death of Daniel Jones has concluded that his death may have been avoidable.

Daniel Jones was found collapsed at the house he shared with his parents in Wolverhampton last year Credit: West Midlands Police

According to the report, twenty-three month-old Daniel died as a result of an event which “had not been foreseen by any of the professionals involved with the family”.

It goes on to say that his death may have been avoided, had professionals involved with the family realised the potential risks Daniel faced as a result of his parents’ drug and alcohol abuse.

An action plan has been drawn up following the review, recommending forty-four ways in which the agencies involved could improve care, including making the family – rather than individuals – the focus of drug and alcohol treatment services and how inter-agency working should be improved.

Case review into Daniel Jones death published today

The Wolverhampton Safeguarding Children Board, has published the Overview Report of its Serious Case Review, into the death of Daniel Jones.

A post-mortem determined that Daniel, who was just twenty-three months old, died from ingesting heroin when he lost his life on May 29th 2012.

Daniel’s father, Simon Jones, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and his mother Emma Bradburn to causing or allowing the death of her child.

They were jailed for six and four years respectively in July earlier this year.


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