Large bowling alley blaze treated as arson

A large fire that broke out at a disused bowling alley in Wolverhampton on Sunday is being treated as arson. At its height more than 70 firefighters tackled the blaze at the Strykers bowling alley on Shaw Road.

Live updates


Firefighters withdrawn as bowling alley could collapse

West Midlands Fire Service are tweeting live updates about tonight's large blaze at a disused bowling alley in Wolverhampton.

The latest update states the building is showing severe signs it could collapse, so all crew members tackling the blaze from inside have been withdrawn.

Street view of bowling alley before fire devastation

Google street view showing the Strykers bowling alley when it was open Credit: Google Street View

This image from Google Street view shows the Stryker bowling alley before this evening's devastating fire.

Around 70 fire fighters are tackling a huge blaze at the site on Shaw Street in Wolverhampton which broke out this afternoon.

The fire service says a large part of the building has collapsed. It's not thought anyone was inside the building which has been closed since October.


Fire ravages disused bowling alley in Wolverhampton

PIcture showing bowling alley fire Credit: Karen Lissimore

Eyewitness Karen Lissimore has sent in this photo of the severe fire currently being tackled by around 70 firefighters at a disused bowling alley in Wolverhampton.

Crews were called to the former Strykers alley on Shaw Road in the city, which suddenly closed in October.

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70 firefighters now tackling bowling alley blaze

West Midlands Fire service say they're dealing with a large blaze at a disused bowling alley in Wolverhampton.

The Stryker's bowling alley closed in October and there have since been reports of metal thefts from the site.

The fire service says it's not believed anyone was in the building at the time, but the flames have now broken through the building's roof.

Services on nearby train lines are delayed because of large amounts of smoke in the area.

It's not believed any neighbouring buildings are under threat, but the fire service is expected to be there for some time.

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