Major demolition works on Leicester's Belgrave flyover

The latest updates on the closure of Leicester's iconic Belgrave flyover. It is being demolished as part of a regeneration scheme around the city's Belgrave Road, also know as the Golden Mile.

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Roads around Belgrave flyover re-open ahead of schedule

The roads around the flyover reopened 3 days ahead of schedule Credit: ITV News Central

Roads around what was previously one of Leicester's most iconic landmarks have reopened three days ahead of schedule.

Road improvements still need to be carried out on the roundabout Credit: ITV News Central

The Belgrave Flyover has now been completely demolished after work to bring it down began in February. Road improvements still need to be carried out on the roundabout and Belgrave Road. The work should be completed by October.

Work to demolish the flyover started last month Credit: ITV News Central



Only half of the Belgrave Flyover left standing!

Work to dismantle the southernmost part of the Belgrave Flyover has got underway this week.

Work to remove the northerly bridge span was completed last week, three days earlier than planned.

Demolition is due to be completed by early April, with the rest of the wider scheme of road improvements on Belgrave Circle and new parking spaces finished by October.

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Part of Leicester’s Belgrave circle closed for two days

Artist impression of how the new roundabout will look Credit: Leicester City Council

Part of Leicester’s Belgrave circle will be closed for the next two days, as cutting work begins on the second major span of the Belgrave Flyover.

The section of the circle immediately below the southern part of the bridge span will be closed to traffic between 9.30am and 3.30pm, both today and tomorrow (25th and 26th February).

Traffic travelling east to west across the circle will be diverted, but the rest of the circle will be open as usual.

The main work to remove the flyover completely will take place next month, with the project already moving forward ahead of schedule. Work to remove the northern part of the bridge was completed three days earlier than planned.

Council 'surprised' yet 'delighted' on flyover fears

Preparatory work starting on demolition of the Belgrave flyover Credit: ITV News Central

Fears of serious congestion in Leicester have proved unfounded as work to demolish Belgrave flyover continues.

The work began on Saturday but today was the first time commuters used the roads and many used alternate routes.

Martin Fletcher, Leicester City Council's head of highways said:

"I'm surprised and delighted that we've had no serious congestion this morning. Everything's been flowing quite nicely and all of our hard work's paid off... The real test will be in a couple of weeks when we start to bring down the flyover and part of the roundabout will be closed.

That will be half term though so traffic should be reduced by around 20%."

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