Video shows man beaten unconscious in 'sickening' attack

Police have released video they've described as sickening of a man being knocked unconscious and repeatedly kicked by two thieves in Birmingham.

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Attack victim appeals to witnesses to come forward

A man who was viciously attacked on a street in Birmingham is calling for witnesses to come forward.

"I urge you to come forward and furnish the police with information which could assist and lead to the conviction and imprisonment of these perpetrators and cowards.

"On the advice of others, I have chosen not to view the CCTV, but I want such cowardly perpetrators to know the psychological damage you inflict on innocent people can be irreparable."

– Victim speaking anonymously

'Sickening' video shows man being beaten and kicked

'Sickening' video that has been released by police in Birmingham shows a man being punched and then falling to the ground unconscious as two attackers set on him as he walked home from a party.

The video is too graphic to show in full here. One attacker viciously kicks the victim as he lay on the ground unconscious. The other rifles through the victims pockets taking his mobile phone and wallet.

The attack happened in the early hours of the morning of 15 December on Bordesley Green Road.

Chief Inspector Dawn Miskella from Birmingham CID said: "The footage speaks for itself. It was an absolutely horrendous, unprovoked attack on an innocent man who was making his way home from a night out, leaving him with long-lasting injuries."

You can see the full video on West Midlands Police website


CCTV image shows attackers robbing unconscious man

Man knocked unconscious in Birmingham Credit: West Midlands Police

Police have released images they describe as 'sickening' showing a man being knocked unconscious and repeatedly kicked on a street in Birmingham.

The man was walking home along Bordesley Green Road after celebrating a birthday party in the early hours of 15 December 2013 when he was attacked.

West Midlands Police are appealing for anyone with information about the attack to contact them.

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