Major delays in tram-line construction

Work on a £500million scheme to build a new tram-line between Nottingham and Chillwell will take longer than expected after construction workers ran into problems...

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Traffic chief blames temporary lights for delays

Traffic at the Beeston junction of University Boulevard has caused major problems for road-users of late... Credit: ITV Central

In the wake of heavy criticism following massive delays on Nottingham's road, Steve Hunt, head of service for traffic and safety at Nottingham City Council, said the problems have been addressed:

"It is normal for this area to experience heavy traffic congestion at peak times, particularly if events are taking place at the university...

... However, since the fault with the temporary traffic lights was resolved earlier this week, we are satisfied that the network is flowing and the traffic management is working as it should."

The work is expected to be complete by spring.

Tram-route causes disruption for bus passengers

With major delays due to a new tram route on University Boulevard, Nottingham City Transport say their ability to provide a reliable service to customers is being affected.

Tram work on University Boulevard is is causing problems for passengers on other forms of public transport... Credit: ITV Central

An NCT spokesperson said:

"During the last week, we have seen significant disruption on our Beeston services as buses have been affected by the congestion caused by the works on and around University Boulevard...

... We are supportive of the investment in transport infrastructure for the city but find the volume of works being done is affecting our ability to provide the reliable service customers expect."


Tram-line construction traffic dubbed 'diabolical'

Traffic in Nottingham has been dubbed 'diabolical', with continuing works to the city's tram service causing disruption to business and transport services.

Construction of Nottingham's tram network has caused major delays... Credit: ITV Central

Heather Harrison, administrator of nearby electrical wholesalers, Hedley & Ellis, said:

"It is affecting us, because of all the roadworks electricians are avoiding us and going elsewhere… Monday was horrendous. It is definitely a problem getting here; whether you are coming in from Bramcote, Wollaton or Long Eaton, you cannot avoid traffic jams... I think it is diabolical."

Construction has seen a busy roundabout replaced by a hectic T-junction... Credit: ITV Central
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