Dunlop Motorsport closes Birmingham tyre plant

The latest on the closure of Dunlop Motorsport Europe's tyre plant in Erdington in Birmingham.

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GMB to seek 'urgent' meeting with Dunlop tyres

The Dunlop factory in Hanau, Germany Credit: PA

GMB have announced they want to meet with Goodyear Dunlop tyres to discuss their decision to relocate after being asked 18 months ago to consider relocation to a different site in Birmingham.

GMB Regional Officer, Dominic Hicks, said:

"Despite their promises that relocating in Birmingham was an option it is clear that the company have been disingenuous with us and more importantly its loyal workforce."

"We will now seek an urgent meeting with the company to discuss this announcement in more detail. We will make sure the company meets all its legal obligations on the decision to shut the Erdington site."


GMB 'devastated' by Dunlop's decision to relocate

GMB have said they are 'devastated' with the decision by Dunlop tyres to relocate the manufacturing of motor sport tyres abroad.

GMB, Britain's General Union Credit: PA

In a statement, GMB have responded to the announcement and feel the company have been 'disingenuous' after several meetings took place discussing possible relocation to another site in Birmingham.

Dominic Hicks, GMB Regional officer, said:

"GMB is devastated at the announcement made by Goodyear to move their Motor Sport business to France and Germany with the loss 240 skilled jobs to the Birmingham economy."

"Only a couple of days ago the company met with local MP Jack Dromey and Vince Cable and agreed to consider in detail alternative sites in Birmingham and in particular Aston. I am at a loss to understand how those options could have been explored in detail over such a short period of time."

Government: Dunlop decision to relocate 'disappointing'

Dunlop's decision to close its Birmingham factory and move jobs abroad, is "disappointing", the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has said in a statement this evening.

The Business Secretary met Dunlop to offer our help in finding a solution that would protect jobs and keep the company in Birmingham.

Whilst this is a commercial decision for Dunlop, it is very disappointing news, especially when local partners have worked hard to retain production in the area and have provided the company with a number of potential alternative sites to consider which would appear to meet its needs.

Government and local partners will continue to work with the company, to provide support to those workers affected, and to help them move into new employment as soon as possible.

– Department for Business Innovation and Skills spokesperson

241 jobs are at risk following today's announcement.

The firm's lease expires on the site near Jaguar Land Rover's Castle Bromwich plant in September, and Dunlop believes there is not enough time to relocate to a local site and maintain production before the deadline.

Unite 'shocked' at Dunlop Birmingham announcement

The union, Unite, says it is 'shocked and dismayed' at the announcement that Dunlop Motorsport will close its factory in Birmingham - causing a loss of at least 241 jobs.

On the plans to move their business to France and Germany, Unite says:

We are shocked and dismayed at the announcement made today of the closure of Dunlop Motorsports with the loss of 241 jobs.

Just four days ago they committed, at a meeting convened by business secretary, Vince Cable, with the support of Birmingham city council, to seriously investigate the possibility of relocation in the Birmingham area.

Unite will not accept the company walking away from its commitments or its obligations to fully consult the workforce on this decision and will be looking to challenge and change the decision.

– Andy Taylor, Unite

'Dunlop has treated Birmingham with contempt'

Birmingham Erdington MP Jack Dromey has slammed Dunlop's decision to close its plant in his constituency, saying the tyre-maker has treated Britain and Birmingham 'with contempt'.

Just last week the Labour MP met with the firm to discuss a move to another site in the city, to save more than 240 jobs from being lost.

However the firm says another suitable site could not be found, and production will now move to its other European factories.


Dunlop MD says firm wanted to stay in Birmingham

The Managing Director of Dunlop Brand Europe, has said it was the firm's 'strong preference' to stay Birmingham, but it was not possible.

The firm has just announced the closure of its tyre plant in Erdington with the loss of 241 jobs from Birmingham.

He went on to say:

“For several months, we have also worked closely with local agencies and authorities to identify local Birmingham site alternatives.

Unfortunately no other appropriate site was available locally which would have provided continuity of supply to our key customers.

The company has begun informing and consulting with affected employees and Union representatives of the Erdington site. 241 jobs will potentially be affected.

– Sanjay Khanna, Managing Director, Dunlop Brand Europe

Dunlop production goes to other European plants

The Dunlop factory in Hanau, Germany. Credit: PA

Dunlop Motorsport Europe has announced its closing its plant in Erdington in Birmingham with the loss of 241 jobs.

The tyre maker says it's moving production to other plants in its European Manufacturing network.

The firm's lease expires on the site near Jaguar Land Rover's Castle Bromwich plant in September.

A consultation process with Trade Unions will now start.

Dunlop tyre factory to close with loss of 300 jobs

Dunlop tyres has announced it's closing its factory at Castle Bromwich Credit: Dunlop

More than 125 years of tyre making is coming to an end in Birmingham as Dunlop has announced its closing its factory with the loss of 300 jobs.

Negotiations had been underway to find a new site with Birmingham CIty Council, after Jaguar Land Rover bought the Dunlop site in Caste Bromwich earlier this year.

More to follow.

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