Rosemary Conley's fitness firm in administration

The latest on the future of broadcaster and fitness expert Rosemary Conley's Leicestershire-based businesses, which are in administration.

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Rosemary Conley Food & Fitness being restructured by administrators

Rosemary Conley's firm is being restructured by administrators Credit: PA Wire

Leicestershire fitness guru Rosemary Conley's firm is being restructured by administrators, who were called in yesterday.

They were brought in following a recent slump in magazine sales and debts from the launch of a digital TV channel.

Six members of staff are being made redundant at the firm's headquarters in Quorn.

Conley's 'heart goes out to staff' made redundant

Speaking about two of her firm's being placed into administration today. fitness expert Rosemary Conley said:

“My heart goes out to the staff affected, and we are talking to them today to try to work out how best we can help them. I have invested a lot of my own money into the business recently, and haven’t drawn any salary for several months, as we tried to keep things going through such tough economic times”.

– Rosemary Conley

Administrators were called in after Rosemary Conley TV failed to turn out a profit, and a recent slump in magazine sales.


Administrators to 'restructure' Rosemary Conley Ltd

The administrators called in to look for potential investors for two firms set up by Leicestershire fitness expert Rosemary Conley have issued the following comment:

The Board has taken a responsible decision - going into early administration creates a restructuring opportunity. Our initial priority is to restructure the business and explore the clear potential for investment. Sadly the process involves some difficult decisions including the need to make a number of employees redundant”.

– Mark Hopkins of Elwell, Watchorn and Saxton

Six staff are being made redundant at the firm's HQ in Quorn. It's after a slump in magazine sales and debts from the launch of a digital TV channel were revealed.

Rosemary Conley TV station 'drained' cash 'for years'

Twitter logo of Rosemary Conley TV Credit: Twitter

The financial problems at Rosemary Conley Food & Fitness Ltd have been attributed to the cost of launching a dedicated television channel.

The company say since its launch Rosemary Conley TV has failed to make a return, and has been draining the company's resources 'for years'.

Website of Rosemary Conley TV, which is the cause for the fitness expert's financial problems Credit:

More than one million pounds was originally used to set the digital channel up. The magazine arm of the fitness guru's business, Quorn House Publishing Ltd, is also in trouble, with a slump in sales also being blamed for the company's financial problems.

Conley: 'Business as usual' for fitness classes

In a statement about administrators being called in to two business run by Rosemary Conley. the Leicestershire fitness expert stressed fitness classes up and down the country would not be affected. She said:

It is business as usual for all the classes around the country. But for the core business the Board and I have had to make this difficult decision.

It’s a day which the team and I have worked incredibly hard to try to avoid but the Board and I believe that this is the most responsible course of action to take. We hope that the process of administration will give us more options and help us to transform the business through new investment”.

– Rosemary Conley
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