David Cameron meets people battling Worcestershire floods

The Prime Minister arrived in Worcester today to meet with people battling against the floods in the city. David Cameron spoke with residents affected by the flooding.

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PM will 'learn lessons' by visiting every flood-hit area

David Cameron at the Upon-upon-Severn meeting Credit: ITN

David Cameron will try to visit every flood-hit area around the country to "try and learn lessons" from the crisis.

Speaking in one of the worst affected areas in Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire, Mr Cameron said: "I'll try to get to every part of the country that's been affected so that we can learn all the lessons."

The Prime Minister, who earlier described the floods as a "tragedy", defended the Government's response to the crisis, adding that the Cobra emergency committee had been meeting since water levels started rising before Christmas.

The Army were deployed to Upton-upon-Severn after the town was cut in two by floodwaters, only after the damage had already been done.

David Cameron meets people battling Worcestershire floods

David Cameron meets people in Worcestershire Credit: ITN

The Prime Minister has met people battling the floods in Worcestershire today.

David Cameron sat down with residents to talk about how the area has been flooded three times since Christmas and what they are doing to cope with the situation.

It comes after he pledged £10million of help to businesses hit by the flooding.

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