Nottinghamshire gun amnesty criticised by victim

As a two-week gun amnesty in Nottinghamshire comes to an end today, ITV News Central has been speaking to victims and communities affected to see if they think it will get weapons off the streets.

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Nottingham councillors want long term solution to gun crime

Nottingham City Council says it has a dedicated team working to prevent gun crime in the city, and is looking for long term ways of preventing future problems.

The council released a statement following criticism of the recent gun amnesty in Nottingham, who say amnesties are not the most effective solution.

Nottingham faces a smaller problem than many big cities, but it is still an issue which needs tackling.

We have a dedicated team focused on tackling gang and youth violence in the short term... well as exploring long term ways of working with the community to prevent future incidents.

– Nottingham City Council statement


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