A52 named the worst road in Britain

A52 in Nottingham named the worst road in Britain

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Is the A52 really the worst road in Britain?

New figures released by the Government for "on-time car journeys" suggest Brian Clough Way is the worst road in Britain. But how accurate is the data?

The Department for Transport say the figures from March 2011 - 2013 are "experimental" and they need people who use the road regularly to tell them about their experiences.

The best road in Britain is the A11 between the A1101 and A14 in East Anglia. 100% of the journeys for drivers were completed on time in January 2014. Drivers will face delays on this stretch soon as roadworks have now been announced.


A52 in Nottingham worst road in Britain

Nottingham's Brian Clough Way has been named the worst road in Britain.

New data from the Department for Transport shows that more than 60% of all journeys on the A52 are delayed.

A52 in Nottingham has been named the worst road in Britain Credit: Daniel Law/PA Wire

The data also shows that fewer than 40% of all drivers using the A52 will make it to the M1 on time because of delays.

The analysis of the government figures was carried out by the website WeLoveAnyCar.

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