Amazing moment woman deaf since birth hears for 1st time

A video showing the emotional moment a woman profoundly deaf since birth hears for the first time in her life, thanks to doctors at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

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Mum says deaf daughter 'took a big chance' on implant

The mother of a woman who has heard sound for the first time after getting a cochlear implant has told ITV News she was "worried for a month" about her daughter's operation.

Ann Milne, who filmed her daughter hearing for the first time, told ITV News Joanne had taken a "big chance" by going ahead with the procedure.

If the operation had failed, Joanne would not have been able to use her old hearing aids again


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Deaf woman thanks readers for 'wonderful comments'

A deaf woman, who appeared in an emotional video which showed her hearing for the first time, has thanked ITV News' Facebook followers for their "wonderful comments" on the social networking site.

A video captured the first time Joanne Milne heard a sound. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Commenting on ITV News' Facebook page, Joanne Milne wrote: "Wonderful're making me cry again! Thanks everyone...I'm still on my emotional rollercoaster!"


Deaf woman given hearing after 39 years of silence

This video shows the emotional moment a woman profoundly deaf since birth hears for the very first time.

Joanne Milne was filmed by her mother the moment an audiology specialist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham turned on her cochlear implants, changing her life forever.

The 39-year-old from Gateshead, whose world had been completely silent until that point, burst into tears when she heard the doctor reciting the days of the week. Her mother Ann said:

“I wanted to record the moment when her implants were switched on. It was just wonderful and I had tears running down my face. We all did.

“She has been deaf since birth and had never heard sounds before this.She knew the hospital in Birmingham was one of the best to have this operation which is why she chose to come here.”

University Hospitals Birmingham, which runs QEHB, is one of only 20 centres in the UK which carry out cochlear implants.

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