Armani Mitchell guilty of murdering rapper Joshua Ribera

Armani Mitchell, 18, from Northfield in Birmingham, has been found guilty of murder after fatally stabbing young rap musician Joshua Ribera outside a charity fundraising event in the city last September.

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  1. Andy Bevan

'Depzman': a promising career, a life cut short

The world that Joshua Ribera lived in, and the rap music he performed is often associated with gangs, drugs and weapons - leading many to misunderstand the young people who produce it.

Andy Bevan was given unique access to the grime music scene - and to Joshua's family and friends. They reveal a story of a young man on the brink of success, who hated the kind of violence that, ironically, would cut short his life.


Joshua's mum: 'He always had amazing charisma'

Joshua Ribera’s mother Alison Cope remembers her son as a young boy and how it emerged that he had musical talent.

She told our correspondent Andy Bevan she always knew Joshua had charisma, and she could tell there was something special about him even before he started his music career.

Joshua Ribera's rap crew remember his talent

Joshua Ribera performed as Depzman with a grime rap crew called Invasion Alert. His fellow crew members Jay Kae, DJ Big Mikee, D2 and Hitman talk about their memories of their friend.

Earlier today 18-year-old Armani Mitchell was convicted for murdering the aspiring young rap artist.

Police: carrying weapons like knives is not 'hard'

Speaking after the sentencing of 18-year-old Armani Mitchell for the murder of teen rap artist Joshua Ribera, the investigating officer in the case said:

"Armani said he carried the knife for protection. Some people believe that it is big and clever to carry weapons and believe their friends consider them ’hard’. Let me say this ? if you carry weapons, you are not ’hard’, you are not big and you are not clever, you are stupid and run the risk of ruining not only your own life but the lives of those closest to you too."

– Investigating officer, Detective Inspector Gary Plant, West Midlands Police


CCTV of Mitchell & Ribera on night of fatal stabbing

This CCTV issued by West Midlands Police shows the altercation between Armani Mitchell and Joshua Ribera, on the night he was fatally stabbed outside TC's nightclub in Birmingham.

It first shows Mitchell being thrown out of the club in Selly Oak on September 20 2013, but soon afterwards he returned and managed to get back in.

He then found Joshua and the pair went outside together; CCTV footage showed them being held apart by a key witness, who saw the fatal attack.

He described how, at around 10.40pm, Mitchell pulled out the knife and lunged at Joshua, striking him in the chest with a flick knife. He collapsed against a car on Coronation Road as Mitchell ran away.

Armani Mitchell sentenced to 18 years in custody

Armani Mitchell has been found guilty of murdering teen rap artist Joshua Ribera Credit: ITV News Central

A judge has ordered 18-year-old Armani Mitchell to spend at least 18 years behind bars for the murder of teen rap artist Joshua Ribera in Birmingham last year.

The 18-year-old victim was fatally stabbed outside TCs nightclub in Selly Oak in September.

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