Claims that Park View boys told marital rape 'allowed'

Fresh allegations by three former teachers claiming boys were taught that marital sex was acceptable at Park View School.

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Claims that Park View boys told marital rape 'allowed'

Former teachers have claimed students were taught marital rape is acceptable Credit: PA

Fresh allegations have surfaced suggesting students at Park View School were taught sex within marriage did not have to be consensual.

The British Humanist Association says three former teachers revealed that boys were told they didn't need their wife's consent for sex.

The school is at the centre of the 'Trojan Horse' scandal, an alleged plot by hardline muslims to infiltrate schools across Birmingham.

The teachers also say that students were regularly taught the theory of creationism in science classes while evolution was ignored.

In a statement the school says some boys 'misunderstood' what they had been told and it held a special assembly to make it clear that any sex without informed consent is rape.

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