Firefighters to stage Bank Holiday strike

Firefighters will walk out this weekend in a dispute over pensions. The Fire Brigades Union called the industrial action after talks to avert the strike failed to reach an agreement. Ministers say strike action is unnecessary.

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Firefighters strike over pensions

The strike will start at 2pm today for 12 hours Credit: Jeff Moore/Jeff Moore/Empics Entertainment

Firefighters are going on strike today from 2pm for 12 hours.

The Fire Brigade's Union says firefighters face the prospect of being sacked "merely for getting older", along with having to pay increased pension contributions.

The government says the action will "damage firefighters' standing with the public."

Firefighters in Nottingham say they will be holding a rally in Market Square from 2pm today to explain to the public why they are "forced" to strike.


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Fire Brigade advice during strike action

London Fire Brigade has issued advice to households to protect themselves during the Bank Holiday firefighters' strike.

  • Check your smoke alarm to make sure it works.
  • Take extra care when you are cooking or smoking.
  • Plan your escape route
  • Only dial 999 in a genuine emergency, for example a fire not a pet rescue.
  • Share fire safety tips – talk to friends and family (visit the Brigade's website for advice).
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Strike 'damages firefighters' standing with the public'

The decision to take industrial action will "damage firefighters' standing with the public", a Government spokesman has said.

The Department for Communities and Local Government, which is responsible for the fire service, said in a statement:

"The Government is clear that further change can be made through constructive engagement, but not under the shadow of industrial action, which only serves to damage firefighters' standing with the public,"

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