Call to ban unmanned tanning salons to protect under-18s

A skin cancer survivor from Burton-on-Trent has welcomed a new report by MPs which is calling for a ban on unmanned tanning salons.

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Skin cancer cases in the UK 'rising at an alarming rate'

Skin cancer cases are "rising at an alarming rate" in the UK and tougher legislation on unmanned tanning salons would help to curb health problems caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays.

Professor Harry Moseley, spokesman for the British Association of Dermatologists, said:

This proposed regulation would close loopholes, such as under-18s using unmanned tanning facilities, and see stricter enforcement for businesses that continue to irresponsibly use appliances that fail to meet standards, often producing radiant dose levels well over acceptable levels.

Proportionate and sensible regulation of sunbeds is important to mitigate that risk and stem the rising tide of cases of skin cancer.

Skin cancer cases in the UK are rising at an alarming rate and there is little doubt that sunbeds increase the risk of skin cancer in fair skinned populations.

– Professor Harry Moseley

Former skin cancer victim backs MP calls to ban unmanned tanning salons

Stacey Pickess's skin cancer gave her a hole in her leg Credit: ITV News Central

Unmanned tanning salons should be banned in England in order to prevent under-18s from doing long lasting damage to their skin, a group of MPs have said.

A skin cancer survivor from Burton-on-Trent has welcomed the report.

Stacey Pickess was diagnosed with skin cancer when she was 23 Credit: ITV News Central
Kirsty McRae,19, suffered first degree burns after using an unmanned tanning salon Credit: PA Wire

Stacey Pickess was diagnosed with cancer which caused a hole in her lower leg after she used UV sunbeds between the ages of 18-21. She has now fully recovered.

Her salon now uses a spray method rather than the traditional UV sunbeds.

MPs said they were "concerned" bans on unsupervised tanning salons were in place in Wales and Scotland, but not in England.

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Skin said banning unmanned tanning salons would prevent under-18s from sneaking in to use sunbeds.

The group's report into the use of sunbeds also recommended that these facilities should also provide "balanced" health information and safety goggles for users.

Ministers should also consider enabling local councils to licence facilities offering sunbeds, the report states.


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