UKIP make Midlands gains in 2014 Local Elections

All the results of the Local Election 2014 across the Central Region as it happens.

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Solihull result: Greens become biggest opposition party

Conservatives keep control but Greens become official opposition Credit: ITV News Central

The Conservatives have kept control of Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, but the Greens have gained three seats to become the official opposition in the council chamber.

A total of 17 seats were being contested, in which the Conservatives gained one councillor, as did one Independent Ratepayers & Residents candidate, and also one gain for UKIP.

The new makeup of the council is as follows; Con 29, Green 10, Lib Dem 8, Lab 2, Ratepayers 1, UKIP 1

Labour take control of Amber Valley after 14 years

Labour take control of Amber Valley after 14 years Credit: ITV News Central

Labour have taken Derbyshire local authority Amber Valley Borough Council from the Conservatives for the first time in 14 years, in a nail-biting count which went down to the very last seat.

UKIP gained a significant number of votes in the Borough, but not enough to secure a councillor outright. The leader of the Conservatives says the new UKIP voters had turned away from the Tories, thereby splitting the vote and letting Labour in.

Of the 15 seats up for vote, Labour won 11 and the Conservatives won four.

Before yesterday's election the Tories held a 23 -21 majority to Labour - that has now been flipped in Labour's favour, with 23 councillors versus 21 Tories, the wards changing hands being Belper South, and Ripley.


BREAKING: Labour gains control of Amber Valley

ITV News Central Political Correspondent Gareth Owen is at the Amber Valley count, where Labour have taken control of the Derbyshire council for the first time in 14 years.

Coventry City Council release election 'infographic'

Infographic tweeted by Coventry City Council this morning. Credit: Coventry City Council

Coventry City Council has produced an 'infographic' detailing how constituents voted in the Local Elections.

It shows there was a turnout of 30.69%, and around 10% of the electorate of 235,813 voted by post.


Alternative results from Coventry City Council's count

Coventry City Council has issued the following facts and figures - including how may cups of tea were needed to help staff complete the count, and the number or rubber bands used!

There were:

  • 1,023 staff involved
  • 300 voting boxes used
  • 7,521 elastic bands needed
  • 1,763 cups of tea consumed

Across the election area, there were:

  • 235,813 people registered to vote
  • 23,001 Postal votes - around 10% of the electorate
  • 104 Proxy votes
  • 30.69% Turnout
  • 70,880 ballot papers issued

Cannock election results: Labour keep council control

Labour has kept control of Cannock Chase Council Credit: ITV News Central

Labour has retained control of Cannock Chase Council is the Local Elections. They gained one more councillor, but it was a bad night for the Tories, who lost three of their seats, while UKIP gained three, and the Liberal Democrats lost a councillor.

The make-up of the council now stands at: Lab 25, Con 6, UKIP 6, Lib Dem 2, Ind 2

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