Trojan Horse: Birmingham City Council leader to answer to MPs

The leader of Birmingham City Council Sir Albert Bore is due to given evidence to a Home Affairs Committee into radicalisation in schools today.

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Cameron outlines 'British values' in schools row

David Cameron has outlined the "British values" that he believes should be applied in British schools and said they would have "overwhelming support" across the country.

The Prime Minister specified the values of "freedom, tolerance, respect for the rule of law, belief in personal and social responsibility and respect for British institutions".

Education Secretary Michael Gove yesterday said the Government will consult on new rules that could force schools to "actively promote British values".

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Council leader: Claims 'undermined' relations with public

The leader of Birmingham City Council has told ITV News he is "reassured" that Ofsted's report clearly found no evidence "of a plot or a conspiracy" in relation to any of the city's schools.

Labour Councillor Albert Bore said the release of the Trojan Horse document alleging extremism in some schools had seriously undermined the council with the community.


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Schools strategy 'in disarray', Labour claims

Michael Gove's education policy is in "disarray" while the Government is more concerned about "warring egos" than school standards, Labour claimed today.

Replying to Mr Gove's statement, Mr Hunt told the Commons that recent headlines reflected "a Government more concerned about warring egos than school standards and a Prime Minister unable to control his Cabinet".

"But while ministers carry on their briefings, sackings and apology, the education and safeguarding of children in the great city of Birmingham has to be this House's priority," he added.

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Extremism allegations 'ignored for four years'

Tristram Hunt said the department had known for four years about the allegations.

Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt has claimed ministers had been ignoring alleged extremist links in Birmingham schools for four years.

He told Mr Gove that his vow to investigate potentially missed warnings over the issue was "an attempt to evade your own responsibility as secretary of state".

"The truth of the matter is that had you been in charge of the management of your department, these issues would not have arisen in recent years," he said.

"You say you have acted with speed on the issue - the truth is that ministers have been ignoring it for four years."

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Gove: There has been a failure to tackle extremism

A probe has been ordered into how the Department for Education dealt with warnings relating to alleged extremism in schools, Education Secretary Michael Gove has told the House of Commons.

He told MPs that everyone must acknowledge that there has been a failure in the past to do everything possible to tackle "non-violent extremism".

As ITV News Political Correspondent Libby Wiener reports, Mr Gove says he was not told about apparent warnings about the schools, which his department were said to have received as early as 2010.


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Ofsted finds 'culture of fear and intimidation' in schools

Chief Inspector of Schools Sir Michael Wilshaw said "a culture of fear and intimidation has taken grip" at some Birmingham schools.

Sir Michael said the schools regulator's findings at some of the 21 schools reviewed as part of its "Trojan Horse" investigation "are deeply worrying and in some ways quite shocking".

"We found evidence that some headteachers, including those with a proud record of raising standards, have been marginalised or forced out of their jobs," he said.

Ofsted inspectors also found evidence that governors were "exerting far more influence ... than is either appropriate or acceptable".

"A number of headteachers reported that there has been an organised campaign to target certain schools in Birmingham in order to impose a narrow faith-based ideology," Sir Michael added.

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Trojan: Ofsted place five schools in special measures

Schools regulator Ofsted placed five Birmingham schools into special measures today in the wake of the "Trojan Horse" allegations, as it issued a damning verdict on the running of a number of the city's schools.

The five schools are:

  • Golden Hillock School
  • Nansen Primary School
  • Park View Academy
  • Oldknow Academy
  • Saltley School

A sixth - Alston Primary - is already in special measures.

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Campaigners slam 'politically motivated' Ofsted reports

A campaign group has rejected Ofsted's findings over allegations hard-line Muslims plotted to takeover Birmingham schools, branding them politically motivated.

The Hands Off Birmingham Schools group, led by former Respect Party leader Salma Yaqoob, has claimed inspections into the "Trojan Horse" allegations were carried out in "a climate of political and media hysteria".

"We firmly believe these Ofsted reports are politically motivated," she added.

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