World Cup fever as fans turn homes into football shrines

After a football crazy dad of two, from Leicester transformed his front room into an indoor football pitch, whether the rest of you are anywhere near as fanatic...

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World Cup fever: Your homes in pictures

Wow! That's what we call a 'group effort' Credit: Christa Lowe
Dale Renshaw has paved his backyard in England flag colours Credit: Dale Renshaw
This is the front of Baggies fan Bert's house in West Bromwich Credit: Bert, from West Bromwich
Rob Boulton's front house looks very patriotic Credit: Rob Boulton
This is Jane Burton's front room Credit: Jane Burton
Nat Rider has decked out her home and car with England flags Credit: Nat Rider
Kevin Bosworth, from Nuneaton, has made his own World Cup trophie's Credit: Kevin Bosworth


PICTURES: Home transformed into World Cup shrine

A man has transformed his home in Birstall in Leicestershire into a World Cup shrine Credit: ITV News Central
There is astroturf on the floor in place of carpet Credit: ITV News Central
England flags and bunting cover every wall Credit: ITV News Central
Ben Rogers' wife admits she did not expect him to take his enthusiasm quite so far Credit: ITV News Central
Ben and Toni's children, 8-year-old Charlie and 4-year-old Lucy Credit: ITV News Central
Ben has even made replica World Cup trophies out of old plant pots, balloons and paper mache Credit: ITV News Central
This year, Ben says he has decided to 'really go for it' Credit: ITV News Central
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