Underground explosion sends fire shooting from manhole

Fire was seen coming out of a man hole after an explosion was heard in West Bridgford.

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Underground explosion 'due to multiple fuse failure'

An underground explosion which sent flames shooting out of a manhole in Nottingham was caused by multiple fuses blowing at the same time, investigators have told ITV News Central.

Western Power Distribution found that a fault in a link box near the junction of Davies Road and Abbey Road in West Bridgford caused the fuses to blow.

A total of 123 homes were without power for up to six hours while alternative supplies were set up Credit: Twitter/@Traff37

Fire crews were called to the scene shortly after 5.30pm yesterday to reports of an explosion from a manhole cover in the street.

The picture above shows the fire leaping from the hole in the ground.

A total of 123 homes had their power switched off for safety reasons while engineers worked to find alternative supplies.

The final 12 homes had their power restored at 12.10am this morning.

Explosion at manhole in West Bridgford

Fire has been seen coming out of a man hole after an explosion was heard in West Bridgford this evening.

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service says it received a number of calls reporting an explosion at Davies Road at around 17.24.

Firefighters have left the scene of the fire and explosion at West Bridgford Credit: Twitter/@Traff37

Firefighters say that, in consultation with the gas and electricity boards, they do not believe it was a gas explosion.

Crews have now handed over to the gas board who are now investigating.

The incident is not thought to be life-threatening.


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