'Clear evidence' of extremism in Birmingham schools

A Government-ordered inquiry into the "Trojan horse" allegations in Birmingham found "clear evidence" that there are number of people, associated with each other and in positions of authority within schools who "espouse, endorse or fail to challenge extremist views".

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Council chiefs welcome new education commissioner

Council chiefs in Birmingham have welcomed the appointment of a new education commissioner.

It comes after Education Secretary Nicky Morgan spoke to the House of Commons on Peter Clarke's report into the 'Trojan Horse' allegations.

I welcome the appointment of an education commissioner, who will report to both the Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, and Birmingham City Council’s Chief Executive, Mark Rogers. We will work closely with the Department for Education on making that appointment.

We have had a very positive experience working with the commissioner for children’s safeguarding, Lord Norman Warner, and we look forward to an equally constructive relationship with the new education commissioner.

We have already accepted all of the recommendations in Ian Kershaw’s report and believe we are already making progress on most of the recommendations set out in Peter Clarke’s report.

In addition, we are already working on a number of key areas such as strengthening governor appointments and training and our whistleblowing process and reporting, as well as continuing our work in reviewing our relationship with all schools.

– Sir Albert Bore, Birmingham City Council leader


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Parents felt they would be speaking out 'against Islam'

Parents felt they would be speaking out 'against Islam' Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Many parents thought they would be speaking out "against Islam" if they had questioned changes to the school curriculum at Oldknow Academy, a parent has said.

Mr Mohammed Zabar - a parent with a 10-year-old daughter at Oldknow - said the government report brought him "relief" that he had not overreacted after querying decisions made by the school.

Changes such as cancelling Christmas festivities and the teaching of Arabic over other foreign languages, were some of those challenged by Mr Zabar.

After the Clarke report was published, Mr Zabar said: "I think it now comes to a question of who was responsible for what."

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Byrne: Task for new commissioner is to 'rebuild trust'

Labour's Liam Byrne said he has welcomed the installation of a new education commissioner after the 'Trojan horse' allegations but the first task would be to see teachers involved "resign" or "be removed."

A number of claims have been published in a Government-commissioned report on the 'Trojan Horse' allegations of a hardline Muslim takeover of Birmingham schools.

Liam Byrne said that the task for the new commissioner is to 'rebuild trust'. Credit: Lewis Whyld/PA

The report said that staff at Park View View school invited extremist preacher Shaykh Shady Al-Suleiman to address pupils in assembly.

The Birmingham Hodge Hill MP said that the task now is to "rebuild trust" in Park View school and to ensure that the reputation is turned around, "because its best years now lie ahead".

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Clarke: 'Aggressive Islamist agenda' in some schools

A group of individuals tried to introduce an "aggressive Islamist agenda" into some schools in Birmingham, the author of a Government-commissioned report has said.

Former counter-terrorism officer Peter Clarke said his report had uncovered practices that have "no place in state non-faith schools".

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Minister: Trojan Horse report is 'disturbing'

The Education Secretary has called the findings of Peter Clarke's report on the 'Trojan Horse' plots in Birmingham schools "disturbing".

Nicky Morgan told MPs there was "compelling evidence" that hardline Muslims had tried to gain control of the governing bodies of a small number of schools.

She said there was a "clear account" that people in authority had "not promoted fundamental British values and had failed to challenge the extremist views of others".


Nicky Morgan: 'Children should be prepared for modern Britain'

ITV News Central Political Correspondent Alison Mackenzie is in the House of Commons:

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Pupils allegedly 'shown images of jihad' in class

Pupils at Golden Hillock school in Birmingham were allegedly shown images of jihad "in a classroom setting", including rockets being launched and battlefields.

Golden Hillock was one of the schools at the centre of the controversy. Credit: PA

It is one of a number of claims in a Government-commissioned report on the 'Trojan Horse' allegations of a hardline Muslim takeover of Birmingham schools

The report also says that staff at Park View View school invited extremist preacher Shaykh Shady Al-Suleiman to address pupils in assembly.

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Teachers' messages show 'intolerant Islamist approach'

Social media exchanges between teachers at Park View School in Birmingham show an "intolerant Islamist approach", according to a Government report into the alleged 'Trojan Horse' plot.

The report's author, Peter Clarke, says the discussions on the WhatsApp messaging site give a "clear and disturbing insight" into the attitudes of some of the teachers at the school.

Among the topics discussed were Lee Rigby's murder, the Boston Marathon bombings, segregation in schools, along with what Clarke calls "explicit homophobia".

Clarke also said there was a "a constant undercurrent of anti-Western, anti-American and anti-Israeli sentiment" in the postings.

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