Firefighters in week long Midlands walk out over pensions dispute

Firefighters in the Midlands will walk out between 12 and 2pm in a week of strike action in a dispute over pensions.

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Striking firefighters say argument "isn't with public"

Firefighters across the Midlands taking part in week-long strike action say their argument isn't with the public.

Phil Coates from the Fire Brigades Union say they want the public to stay safe.

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Firefighters 'can't be expected to work until 60' says FBU

Firefighters in the region took part in a fresh wave of strikes today in a long-running dispute with the government over pensions.

Members of the Fire Brigades Union walked out between 12 and 2 this afternoon, and will do so again between 11 and midnight tonight.

They'll hold identical strikes at the same times over the next week.

The government has previously said strike action is disrupting talks and will damage firefighter's reputations.

Fire strikes taking place across the region

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