Stafford Hospital maternity unit to be downgraded in January

Staff at Stafford Hospital's maternity unit have been told it will be downgraded next year. Midwives will run the unit from January, and the consultant-led service will be moved elsewhere.

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Stafford Hospital campaigners write to Health Secretary

Campaigners for Stafford Hospital have invited Jeremy Hunt to visit the paediatric and maternity services Credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire/Press Association Images

A group which is campaigning against Stafford Hospital's maternity and paediatric services being transferred next year has sent an open letter to the Health Secretary, asking him to visit the departments.

They say the hospital should be a beacon of healthcare and have asked Jeremy Hunt to personally intervene and stop what they describe as a "rushed and flawed process".

Stafford Hospital: Plans for maternity move still to be finalised

The Trust is implementing the TSA recommendations, which includes a midwifery led unit at Stafford Hospital.

There are current and emerging concerns around the safety of certain services at Stafford Hospital, particularly related to acute surgery, anaesthetics, radiology and paediatrics – all of which a consultant led obstetrics unit needs to operate safely.

We take these safety concerns very seriously and, in line with the move of acute surgery and anaesthetics in January, have therefore started to look at what arrangements we might need to put in place for other services.

This takes into account safety issues and implementation of the TSA recommendations, which is why we have begun to talk to staff about what those plans might look like.

These plans are still to be finalised. We await the review of consultant led obstetrics services at the hospital by NHS England, as announced by the Secretary of State in February.

– Gavin Russell, associate medical director, Stafford Hospital


Council leader 'devastated' over maternity closure

Councillor Mike Heenan says the community do not support the decision. Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The leader of Stafford Borough Council says he's devastated at the news that Stafford Hospital's maternity unit is to be downgraded.

Stafford's MP claimed in a statement this morning that staff were told at a meeting last night it would happen in January next year.

Councillor Mike Heenan says the community do not support the decision.

I am devastated by this. The people of Stafford have indicated clearly that they do not support the movement of consultant led maternity services to UHNS.

We now need a breathing space to ensure that a proper decision is made on the basis of all the information. This must not proceed until proper evaluation takes place.

– Cllr Mike Heenan, Leader of Stafford Borough Council

Stafford MP 'concerned' over maternity unit closure

Stafford MP Jeremy Lefroy says he's very concerned about the decision Credit:

Stafford MP Jeremy Lefroy says he is very concerned about the decision to downgrade the maternity unit at Stafford hospital next year.

He has released a statement saying the decision was announced to staff at a meeting last night.

I am very concerned about this announcement. If this decision has been made on staffing and safety grounds, then the Trust needs to say what the safety grounds are and what steps were taken to mitigate them before this decision was taken.

What is now vital is that all women booked to give birth at Stafford need to be contacted in order to calm any concerns or fears they may have.

It is also important that we give as much support as possible to staff, who are going to be feeling uncertainty and concern at this time.

– Stafford MP Jeremy Lefroy

Stafford Hospital maternity unit to be downgraded next year

Staff at Stafford Hospital's maternity unit have been told it will close next year Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Staff at Stafford Hospital's consultant-led maternity unit have been told it will be downgraded in January next year, according to the town's MP Jeremy LeFroy.

He issued a statement after the plans were revealed last night.

Some services are moving after the trust which runs the hospital was dissolved in February.

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