Violent homophobic crimes recorded on the rise in the Midlands

The number of violent homophobic crimes have increased in the UK this year, according to new figures.

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Staffordshire Police on rise in homophobic hate crime reports

Staffordshire Police say they are committed to reducing hate crime following the release of new figures which show a rise in reported hate crime across the UK.

Throughout Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent we work closely with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community to ensure that hate crimes are reported, either directly to Staffordshire Police or through the on-line True Vision reporting system. We are absolutely committed to reducing hate crime, repeat victimisation and the harm that it causes. We will continue to proactively support victims and deal effectively with the individuals committing this type of crime. We would actively encourage anyone who is being targeted in this way to report it to us and feel reassured that we will take positive action.

– Staffordshire Police spokesperson

Homophobic Hate Crime: How do I get help?

ITV News Central has learned that reported homophobic hate crimes are on the rise.

Figures from police forces in the Midlands reveal that in the 12 months to June this year there were 543 reported homophobic crimes compared with 539 over the same period three years ago.

Rainbow laces worn in athlete's boots in support of anti-homophobia campaign Credit: Mike Egerton/EMPICS Sport

ACPO, which represents chief police officers, say they're committed to reducing hate crime and improving services to victims.

If you are being subjected to homophobic hate crime then you can receive help and advice on how to report it from the organisations listed below.


Derbyshire Police say homophobic violence won't be tolerated

Derbyshire Police have said homophobic violence won't be tolerated, following the results of a freedom of information request.

The figures show that the number of violent homophobic crimes have increased in the UK this year.

Although the number of reports of homophobic violence are relatively low in Derbyshire any offence of this type should not be tolerated. We investigate each allegation thoroughly and take action against the offender whenever we can. We would urge anyone who is subjected to any sort of homophobia to have the confidence to report their concerns to the police.”

– Derbyshire Police
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