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Mobile phones: a classroom menace or learning tool?

by Peter Bearne

The schools are all back now, and after a summer of texting and messaging to their hearts' content, thousands of children are spending the day parted from their mobile phone. The vast majority of Midlands schools ban mobiles from the classroom, but could they be missing out.

Research carried out by one of our universities suggests mobile phone technology can help children's learning.


Drive your classic car to work week - full report

by Kate Fisher

When you think of vintage cars it conjures images of Sunday afternoons tootling around country lanes with the roof down... but what about using one for the daily commute?

Well the message behind 'Drive Your Classic To Work Week' is to get these cars out of the garage and onto the roads every day. Kate Fisher reports


'Faster broadband will help Leicestershire economy' says BT managing director

A BT managing director believes the new deal for faster internet in Leicestershire will help local businesses.

Faster broadband will help unlock rural Leicestershire's economic potential. The Leicestershire economy, especially in rural areas predominantly consists of small and micro businesses.

A large number are self-employed, work from home and are in the creative, knowledge based sectors which need high speed broadband and will provide the driving force for the county's digital economy.

– Bill Murphy, BT's managing director of Next Generation Access

Deal for faster internet in Leicestershire

Leicestershire homes and businesses can expect faster broadband speeds Credit: Martin Keene/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Homes and businesses across Leicestershire will have faster broadband because of a £17 million deal between the county council and BT.

It should mean 95 per cent of homes and businesses in the county will have quicker internet access within three years.

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