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Initiative to help people with sight problems online

Most of us probably take surfing the net for granted, but what is it like if you're blind or have sight difficulties and can't see the web pages? New software built in to many computers scans the words and reads out what on the page.

Now the Royal National Institute for the Blind is offering to train 125,000 people with sight or hearing problems in how to get online.

Our Correspondent Mark Gough has been to meet two people who already are.

Smart phone or tablet for every frontline police officer

Every frontline police officer in Staffordshire is to get a smart phone or tablet as part of a mobile technology programme which will "give them the information they need at their finger-tips".

Staffordshire Police hopes the technology will save hours of police time Credit: ITV News Central

Staffordshire Police said the initiative would "keep police on the beat" and mean fewer trips back to their offices to complete paperwork, submit reports or statements and access files.

It is hoped the technology will free up an extra 250,000 hours of police time on the beat a year - the equivalent of an extra 100 officers on duty.

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New jobs for Peterborough engine-makers

Perkins Engines in Peterborough is to create about 175 jobs over the next three years after the company won a £13 million Government grant.

Perkins Engines export their goods worldwide Credit: ITV

Perkins has turned around its fortunes, after making hundreds of staff redundant in 2009 as profits struggled during the recession. The company exports off-road diesel engines to buyers worldwide and will use the money, secured through the Advanced Propulsion Centre, to develop low-carbon technologies for running diesel engines.

"This collaboration with DENSO INTERNATIONAL UK, Loughborough University, Imperial College London and CMCL Innovations, each of who we have worked closely with over the years, is focused on engine performance, fuel economy and exhaust emission improvements and will support the development of innovative technologies for off-highway diesel engine applications.”

– ark Stratton, Perkins Engines


Top tips for keeping kids safe online

Top tips for keeping kids safe online Credit: Press Association
  • Discuss and agree parameters before your child joins a social networking site. Check the minimum age requirements.

  • Consider whether a trusted adult should be added as a 'friend' and ensure your child has a 'private' profile.

  • Talk about the potential dangers of sharing personal data.

  • Remind your child that the same rules about bullying and stranger danger apply online as they do in public places and at school.

  • Ensure your child knows how to report and block people online.

  • Tell them they can talk to you about anything that upsets or worries them online - you're on their side.

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