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  1. Mark Gough

AGA release book on its history

Aga cookers have brought out a new book on its history and it is a tale of World War two spies, the TV show Mad Men and Air Force one.

The boss of Aga in the 1930s, Walter Wren, was recruited to a British secret intelligence unit tasked with trying to sway public opinion in America in support of joining the Second World War.

His top ad man, David Ogilvy, was also recruited to the same espionage unit and spent his spying career in the States.

He remained and ran the ad agency, Ogilvy and Mather with his brother Francis.

David Ogilvy became known as the King of Madison Avenue and he was the inspiration for the recent hit TV show, Mad Men.

Other ex Aga designers went on to design the Shell logo, the London red bus and the livery of Air Force One.