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Drinking alcohol banned in Boston town centre

Drinking alcohol in the street in Boston town centre will be illegal from today, after public consultation revealed "overwhelming support" for the introduction of the ban.

On Monday night Boston Borough Council agreed to be among the first in the country to introduce new legislation declaring the town centre a drink-free area.

Anyone found drinking alcohol in the designated area will be subject to arrest if, when requested by a police officer, they do not stop drinking or surrender the drink.

Under the new rules any person failing to stop drinking when requested will be committing an offence and can be arrested and fined - £100 for a first offence and up to £500 for a second offence committed within six months of the first.

Nottingham bars to stop serving alcohol after midnight

More than a hundred clubs and bars in Nottingham will stop serving alcohol after midnight after choosing not to pay a new levy that comes into force later today.

New charges come into force for Nottingham's pubs and clubs Credit: PA

Venues across Nottingham who choose to sell alcohol after midnight will now face charges of up to £4,400.

117 premises have decided not to pay the levy enforced by the city council to continue pouring pints after midnight.

Organisers say funds raised by the scheme will be spent on policing and improving the safety of the city’s thriving nighttime economy.

"The funds generated through a Late Night Levy mean that licensed premises will add to the range of activities currently funded by the public purse that have seen the city repeatedly awarded Purple Flag status in recent years, recognising Nottingham as a safe and enjoyable night out."

– Cllr Jon Collins, Nottingham City Council Leader


Calls to restrict the sale of super-strength booze in Birmingham

It's claimed that making it more difficult for people to buy super-strength beer and cider would help tackle alcoholism in the city Credit: Frank May/DPA/Press Association Images

A campaign to decrease the availability of super-strength beer and cider is one measure being considered in Birmingham to tackle alcohol misuse.

The report to the Birmingham Health and Wellbeing Board has recommended a number of measures including limiting the strength of alcoholic drinks.

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Nottingham drinking ban could cut anti-social behaviour

Nottingham City Council are hoping that a new ban on alcohol consumption in public places across the city will reduce the problem of anti-social behaviour on the streets.

The ban will give police powers to confiscate and destroy alcohol, while also giving them the authority to charge on the spot £50 fines to those who are caught.

Leader of Nottingham City Council, Jon Collins told ITV News Central it is not a blanket ban and has been welcomed by local residents.

Around 85% of off-licences in Nottingham city centre have already agreed to stop selling super-strength cider and beer in an attempt to tackle anti-social drinking.

'Super strength' alcohol shop ban rolled out

A ban on shops selling 'super strength' alcohol in the centre of Nottingham will be rolled out to other parts of the city from today.

Nottingham City Council launched the project in May to help cut nuisance street drinking.

Radford and The Park will be the first outside of the city to be involved.

The project was launched in May to help cut nuisance street drinking Credit: David Jones/PA Wire